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Welcome to Cheyenne Field Archers web site. First a little bit about us. This is a nonprofit club dedicated to archery. Most of our shooting and our events are at our indoor indoor range at 7415 Archies Road in Cheyenne Wyoming. Our range is heated, has bathrooms, and allows shots up to 40 yards. The indoor range is available to our members 24/7. There are a few times throughout the year when the club is closed for scheduled events, and these are usually listed on this web site's calendar. This site also lists the club's rules and provides other valuable information. Membership in the club is very reasonable. An application for membership is available on this web site.

Everything about the Cheyenne field Archers revolves around volunteering. If a member doesn't have the time or the inclination to volunteer, there are some things that they can do to help out. A member can clean up after shooting, and turn out the lights when they leave. If they see a problem with the range they are asked to call or email a club officer so things can be fixed.

Most of our funding comes from events we schedule throughout the year. Members can help support the club by attending some or all of these events. It should be noted that all of these events are open to the general public. Some of our events are as follows:

  1. Triple Crown (3 month 3D indoor shoot)
  2. Bowhunters Weekend (2 day outdoor 3D shoot)
  3. Traditional shoot and swap meet (indoor 3D shoot)
  4. Sunday night Leagues (paper indoors)
  5. Tuesday and Thursday night Leagues (3D indoors)

And please don't forget the monthly club meeting (7:00pm the second Monday of the month- all members are invited)

As with any club or organization there are certain things that need to be avoided. Shooting broad heads in the indoor range is prohibited except when shooting at specific broad head targets. The Club considers shooting broad heads at the wrong targets as vandalism, and the membership of an offender may be terminated. We are trying to encourage and facilitate families, so alcohol and bad language are other things that should be avoided. Smoking in the indoor range is also prohibited. Last, but not least, please remember that members are responsible for any actions of any guest that they bring to the club.