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2005 Officers

Neal Perkins

Vice President
Mike Calaway

Todd Cross

Randy Burtis

Board Members
Steve Arnold
Justin Beach
Dan Conrad
Jason Mayle
Butch Rupert

Have Bow, Will Go


The regularly scheduled April meeting was held on the 6th. All Officers and Board members were present except Dan Conrad (excused), Steve Winchell and Todd Cross.  Also attending were six club members.

Treasurer's Report: A copy is posted on the bulletin board.

The 2005 CFA Triple Crown had more shooters shoot this year (369) than last year (320). Twelve rings were controversial. They will be dropped for next year. Club Triple Crown Champions were; John Wilson, John Notgrass, Justin Tharp, Bob Graham, Polly Cross, Tony Meena, Kasey Tharp, Kevin Tharp, Amy Perkins, Eli Meena, and Kayla Dougherty. Great job! A complete list can be found under the scores menu. Thanks to Mike Calaway for running these shoots for the last three years.

The turkey calling seminar had 35 folks attend. Plan to make the next seminar. Thanks to Bullseye Archery for sponsoring the seminar.

JOAD Shoot will be April 10th.

John Wilson will conduct the indoor range inspection. He will also check the Curt Gowdy outdoor range after the Club has replaced the backstops.

Tuesday night league has cleared over $2,000 this year. Good job Butch and help. Please come out and support Tuesday night league as the Thursday and Sunday will be finishing until Fall. Thanks goes to David Hayes for running the Sunday league and to Mcaulie Wilson for running the Thursday league.

Bowhunters weekend was discussed. Major raffle items will include a Double Bull Matrix Blind and a gift certificate. Additional ideas are needed for other raffle items. The 50th Club anniversary may be a theme for this year's shoot. Flier will be out soon.

Rhinehart 100 shoot was discussed. Some Laramie club and CFA members will attend this year's shoot May 14th and 15th in Fort Lupton, Colorado. The June meeting will then decide if the Clubs want to co-sponsor a shoot here. The shoot would take place in 2006. Mixed feelings on having this shoot exist.

A plan for concrete sidewalks was reviewed and modified. Construction will start soon.

David Hayes asked for the formation of a committee to look at future expansion plans of the range. David will chair the committee with Butch Rupert assisting.

Al Tharp requested consideration for a Cub & Youth league night (paper targets). After considering concerns about range time, the Board approved Sunday nights, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The league will begin May 1st. Al will be the coordinator. The league will charge no FEES, however, all kids must be accompanied by an adult.

At this time, concessions for Bowhunters weekend will be done by last years group. A small price increase is anticipated over last year.

The Carp Shoot will be run by Willie Fowler. No firm date but it will be in June. Check the website for actual date. New rules and a kids category will be instituted.

Super Day in Lions Park will be Saturday, June 25th. Randy Burtis will coordinate this event for the Club.

Vice-Presidents Message

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who helped in making this year’s Triple Crown a huge success. Without you folks there would be no Triple Crown. I also challenge the all CFA members to step up to the plate and make the 2005 Bowhunters weekend the biggest and best yet!!!