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2006 Officers

David Hays

Vice President
Sonny Cross

Polly Cross

Randy Burtis

Board Members
Steve Arnold
Dan Conrad
Richard Ginter
Adam Lewis
Albert Tharp

Have Bow, Will Go


The regularly scheduled April meeting was held on the 3rd. All Officers and Board members were present except Steve Arnold. Also attending were several club members and guests.

Treasurer's Report: A copy is posted on the bulletin board.

The final leg of Triple Crown had 126 shooters. The grand total for all legs was 428 shooters!! Congratulations to all the participants. A big THANKS to all who helped with the shoot. Registration from all three shoots netted $3,377. This is a good start towards buying replacement targets for the Bowhunters Weekend Shoot in August. Additional funds will be needed - read the president's message to see how you can help.

As mentioned last month, the Club now has a special inside target butt for broad-heads. Also, Jerry Marshall was kind enough to donate Melvin "Woody" Acord's raffle winnings - another broad-head target. When the Club's wears out, we now have a backup. Woody, maybe you can return Jerry's favor someday and donate his new coat that he received for winning the overall Men's Senior Open class.

The Club will be ordering 3D targets shortly. Mac Wilson and Jim Frauendeinst have donated a caribou target and David Hays has donated a wolverine. Thanks guys. If any club member or someone you know would like to donate targets, there are donor sheets at the club. These are also available to anyone who would like to solicit target donors for August's Bow Hunter Weekend.

Mac Wilson also donated a new vacuum to clean the clubhouse with. We need the person that borrowed it to return it, otherwise the Club will have to buy one. Thanks Mac.

Larry Porter donated two long bows to be raffled off. One will be offered at the August Bow Hunter Weekend and the other will be offered at the winter Trad Shoot. Thanks Larry.

New flood lights are being planned for the back wall so that all you old-timers can see better.

As mentioned last month, the Club was considering a Spring Fun Shoot. As time is short it was decided to promote Tuesday (25th) and Thursday (27th) night leagues as a charity shoot. Proceeds will be donated to Game and Fish's Access Yes Program. The nights will not cost anymore than usual.

Carp Shwacking Jamboree: May 20th - Details will be posted at the club.

Donít forget about Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday night leagues. All are going strong so come and enjoy the fun.

Work party 6:00 PM April 12th to repair 3D targets. Another one is planned for 5:00 PM May 10th at Curt Gowdy State Park to repair the archery range.

Photos of any archery event, archery hunting or club functions are needed. Please email the photos to the webmaster found at www.cheyennefieldarchers.com.

Presidents Message

I wish to thank everyone who came out for the Triple Crown. We had a record number with 428 shooters. With bear and turkey season here, please use the new broadhead target on the red roll around. This target was donated by Bullseye Archery for sighting in. The out-side range is set up for broad heads as well. Please notice the changes that are taking place at the club. These improvements are made possible by volunteer help. Check the news letter or the bulletin board at the club for work parties and join in on one. Thank you to everyone who has help out so far. Two of the projects coming up are concrete work and new lights. August and Bow Hunter Weekend are not far off. We always need help putting this shoot on. Please contact Sonny Cross or myself and help make this a great weekend. We are also starting to look for door prizes and target donations along with target sponsors. If you own a business or just know someone who does, we can use your help with these items. Till next time, shoot straight and watch for the up coming fun shoot and Carp shoot. David