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2008 Officers

Dan Conrad

Vice President
Rick Ginter

Joel Meena

Renee Krawiec

Board Members

Have Bow, Will Go


The March board meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM on the 7th of April, 2008. Two board members were absent.

Treasurers Report

Net income from Mar. 1st until Mar. 31st, 2008 was $3,589.00 and net expenses during the same time period was $1,578.95. The report as written was approved by all.

Old Business

WSA dues will not be paid for officers due to lack of interest.

Indoor State shoot bid was won by Cheyenne.

No movement on changing out the locks at the club. Need a cost before this proposal can move forward.

No webmaster for the CFA website. Dan Conrad will look at a private vendor and report next month.

Access YES shoots will be April 22nd and April 24th. BOW will match CFA's donation up to $2,000 and WWF appears to be on the hook to match both organization's contribution. So if CFA can raise $2,000 it will net ACCESS in our state $8,000. If each club member shows up to a shoot and spends $10, we will secure over 300,000 acres!!!!!!

No updates on rule changes, block target sales, and scholarships. Mike Hoover reported that Lifetime memberships can be given without fear of legal problems. A committee was formed to draft rules on how these should be given out. Any suggestions on this matter will be taken at the next Board meeting.

Note. You will be terminated from the club if found shooting broad heads at any of the rolling block targets or the block wall on the south end of the range. CFA has had several recent incidents where broad heads have been shot into the expensive block targets. An estimated $1,000 in damages to our targets! A committee has been formed to review the rules on this matter. Also note that crossbows, rifles, pistols, cannons, rocket launchers, etc... are banned from CFA property. Why is it that a few bad apples ruin a good thing for the masses? Please report any violations of the broad head rule to a board member or officer. We can't afford this malicious vandalism. It's mutiny on our bounty.

New Business

CFA will send in the application to participate in Super Day this June 28th at Lions Park. No volunteers are needed. We have a full crew. All the free food, beverages and other freebies were enough to entice several club members to step up and help out. A waiting list is being taken by President Dan.

Bullseye Archery issued CFA a past due sales tax bill for $1,535.71. No late fees have been assessed by the State. The taxes were not paid on purchases from 5/19/2004 until 1/10/2008. CFA promptly paid the bill and asked for a receipt from the State after the taxes are paid in full. CFA is not tax exempt.

Triple Crown Shoot Results

The Third leg of the Triple Crown was held March 21st & 22nd . Congratulations to all the club winners.

The third leg had 111 shooters. Over 400 shooters over the entire event. The shoot went smoothly and made money.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 pm

Next Board meeting May 5th, 7:00 pm