February 05 >>

2005 Officers

Neal Perkins

Vice President
Mike Calaway

Todd Cross

Randy Burtis

Board Members
Steve Arnold
Justin Beach
Dan Conrad
Jason Mayle
Butch Rupert

Have Bow, Will Go


The regularly scheduled February meeting was held on the 7th. All Officers and Board members were present except Dan Conrad (excused).

Treasurer's Report: A copy is posted on the bulletin board.

A Target committee was formed with Mike Calaway being named the chairman. Also on the committee is Todd Cross, Jason Mayle, Randy Burtis and Justin Beach. Questions concerning targets should be directed to the committee.

Paybacks for league nights were discussed. It was decided that they will no longer be done.

Door cards are green. If you havenít rejoined take the time and do it now.

CFA will be hosting the State Field shoot at Curt Gowdy range. The shoot will be held the 9th and 10th of July. The range needs some grounds work. Help will be needed come May.

A sign up sheet to clean the CFA building is posted on the bulletin board. Steve Winchell will be in charge of the clean up effort. Eleven members have signed up to clean. Additional help is needed.

JOADís annual agreement was approved. JOAD will conduct a shoot on April 10th. Club will be open to JOAD shooters only.

CFA grounds were discussed. Concrete pads, walks, and outdoor range need completion. Contact Randy Burtis.

Homestead Baptist Church asked if CFA will donate to their Animal Feast and quick draw competition Expo. CFA will allow the use of some 3D targets and will also give the Church a one-year family membership to be raffled at the expo.

January Triple Crown had 137 shooters. This is the second largest amount of shooters at a CFA Triple Crown. The second leg will have a Friday night line. Registration will begin at 6:15 pm and shooting will start at 7:00 pm. This is being done to help reduce the shooters on Saturday. Steve Arnold will make an additional bow rack due to the tremendous amounts of shooters and bows at the shoots. February Triple Crown is on the 25th and 26th. Plan to attend.

A special thanks to BULLSEYE ARCHERY and BANK OF THE WEST for the use of the sponsored targets.

This years prize for the most target donor sales will be a free one-year membership. All club members are encouraged to sign up a business to donate $55 to sponsor a target or buy a 3D target for this summerís Bow Hunters Weekend. The business will receive advertising at the shoot and a thank you letter. Past winners were Steve Arnold and Neal Perkins. Fill out a receipt for the business and make one out for the club. Receipts will in the March newsletter or are available by contacting Todd Cross or Joel Meena.

CFA is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A big Thanks to all that has made this happen. Ideas are being gathered for a suitable way to celebrate.

Next meeting is March 7th, 7:00 PM. Plan to attend.

On an extremely sad note, condolences go out to the family of Punk Faber for their recent loss. Punk was a founding member of our club and the family donated a 1955 NFAA charter certificate. This is a rare treasure and is greatly appreciated.

Consider joining Bowhunters of Wyoming (BOW). See flier on the bulletin board. BOW is your only State organization fighting for your rights to archery hunt!!

Presidents Message

I am truly honored to be the President of the Cheyenne Field Archers for 2005. Itís hard for me to find anything as dear to my heart as my family and this club (elk hunting is up there as well). Iíve spent considerable time reflecting on the clubs numerous successful accomplishments. You donít have to look far to see what a great club we belong to. One thing that makes this club so well rounded is the number of club functions offered throughout the year. CFA helps its members stay on top of their game by offering classes such as Elk calling, Bow Hunter Education, and Archery instructor classes. The club also offers many opportunities to sharpen your skills by providing: 3 different leagues, five 3-D shoots, even Carp and Rabbit hunts. All of CFA's activities are set up with one thing in mind, to have fun while promoting archery. None of these events are possible without you. With all of the upcoming Events for 2005, I challenge all the club members to participate in at least one event. I truly want to see our range filled with shooters for each event. Invite your friends, and neighbors to a Rabbit hunt, Carp shoot, or one of the clubs league nights.

Most of you know that we have grown by 350% in three short years by word of mouth alone. The increase was accomplished by you folks introducing your friends either to archery or to our club. As with all clubs or organizations, we are only as strong as our members. To further the sport of archery and strengthen our club, we need more than just your renewal money - we need your participation and support. Thanks again and see you at the range.