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2005 Officers

Neal Perkins

Vice President
Mike Calaway

Todd Cross

Randy Burtis

Board Members
Steve Arnold
Justin Beach
Dan Conrad
Jason Mayle
Butch Rupert

Have Bow, Will Go


The regularly scheduled November meeting was held on the 7th. All Officers and Board members were present except Todd Cross. Also attending were several club members and guests from the Air Force Base.

Treasurer's Report: A copy is posted on the bulletin board.

Full amount of property tax will be paid when due. Gas bill has been raised by 40% due to recent utility adjustments.

A traditional shoot will be held December 3rd. Registration starts at 9:00 am. Door Prizes have been purchased. This event was huge last year. Lies and Fries follow the shoot at around 2:00 pm. This is a free eats night. See notice. Jack Skinner is running this event again this year. Work Party is scheduled that morning at 7:00 am for set up.

Lies and fries - Fries have been ordered. This being our 50th anniversary some special events and food are in store. A big turnout is expected. Free food! This event takes place after the traditional shoot. Bring your hunting and wildlife photos for a photo contest. Prizes for best photo. Bring your bow shot animal heads and mounts. Think of some good lies. It will be hard to top the last two years first place liar (ME). Bring your unused game tags for a $25 drawing.

Tuesday night league report: The league has almost made the budgeted dollar amount. Great job workers and participants.

Donít forget Sunday evening target leagues has started. Dan Valerius wants more shooters. If you are too busy watching the Broncos - remember what happens in the play offs! Shooting is much better for your health

A Swap meet date was discussed. February or March is on the radar screen.

Two air-base representatives talked to the club about allowing a Military discount. Discussion about pros and cons ensued. The Wing Commander will be asked to visit the facilities. No discounts offered at this time. Dan Conrad will be our liaison.

Card lock for next year has been ordered. Please use the attached application to renew your membership for next year. Renewing a membership makes a great Christmas present. New system will be installed the end of January

Affiliation to join the Wyoming State Archery Association was approved. The cost is $10 per shoot to be sanctioned.

Dan Valerius was given $250 to build kid trophies. Dan has been making all the tournament plaques the last few years. Great job.

Pumping the septic tank was discussed. Costs will solicited.

The Club's BOW representative brought attention about a land swap affecting the Club and all outdoors men and women in Southeast Wyoming. The deal to swap State and Federal land on Laramie Peak with private holdings on the Big Horns is not an acre for acre deal. Additionally, the land to be traded is not being offered for public access if the land deal goes through and will only make a trophy hunting area for those that can pay big bucks. Please consider getting involved. To be fair, the website in favor of the swap is www.npranch-devilscanyonexchange.com.

Photos of any archery event, archery hunting or club functions are needed. Please email the photos to the webmaster found at www.cheyennefieldarchers.com.

Presidents Message