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2008 Officers

Dan Conrad

Vice President
Rick Ginter

Joel Meena

Renee Krawiec

Board Members
Mike Lancaster
Doug Morgan
Randy Burtis
Bob Graham
Troy Krawiec


3-D Tuesdays

Sunday Targets
4:00 pm

9 am to noon

Work Party
Nov. ??

Have Bow, Will Go


The October board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on the 6th of October, 2008. Board members Graham and Morgan were absent and all officers were present.

Old Business

No discussion on Triple Crown rules. I'll be headed back to Church since my prayers were answered.

Mike Hoover will soon place a soda machine in the range. The machine was donated. The Pepsi machine will be removed. A better variety of pop is the goal . OK, it ain't happening, but I won't give up.

Bow Hunter Weekend was a big success. 250 shooters. Thanks to all the volunteers. This club is awesome!!!

New Business:

Target shoots are scheduled for the 9th of Nov., 14th of Dec., 11th of Jan., and 15th of Feb. Details to come.

Sate target indoor shoot will be March 7th and 8th at our range.

Triple Crown dates are Jan. 24th, Feb. 28th, and Mar. 28th.

Lies and Fries, Trad shoot and swap meet will be on December 6th. Watch for the flier.

The Annual meeting is scheduled for Jan 10th at 5:00 pm. We are thinking of several controversial items to bring up for a vote so we can get the attendance up. What do you think about doubling your annual fee to pay for air conditioning? Please mark the date on your calendar.

Please do not shoot continuously at the center or at one spot on the backstops. After several shots rotate or move your targets. This will make the back stops last much longer and save the club big bucks. For the hunters, I have found that shooting my broad heads at the center of a target only ingrains in my mind to shoot center mass. This mind training turns into poor shot placement when real game stands in front of you. We can all argue on the details but forcing your mind to pick a spot, may be on the edge or corner, makes the shooter think about EVERY arrow shot. Why practice shooting broad heads if you don't think and analyze each arrow shot? Remember to only shoot designated broad head targets and do not set your own targets up so that the clubs back stop becomes your back stop. No joke, if caught damaging club back stops not designated for broad heads you will lose a membership and we will all lose the privilege.

Thanks to the Perkins and Hoovers for mowing around the range.

Meeting adjourned 7:38 pm

226 members!!!

Next Board meeting November 3rd, 7:00 pm