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Cheyenne Field Archers allows Tumbleweed Archery to use their facilities almost every Saturday morning from 9 AM until noon, normally for the months of October through May. Tumbleweed Archery is the local Junior Archery Development (JOAD) club. JOAD is a National Archery Association (NAA) program that promotes the sport of archery to young people. It stresses getting a bow in hand quickly (instead of boring the kid with lectures), yet doing so safely. JOAD recognizes that it is far more important that archery be a fun and positive experience such that the young archer will continue to enjoy the sport throughout life.

JOAD is open to all archers age 8 to 18. The program is intended to provide the necessary guidance for the recreational archer who is interested in archery purely for the enjoyment of shooting a bow and arrow. The JOAD program is also an achievement program. A system of qualifying rounds and achievement levels is designed to provide a challenge for youth in archery achievement. Success at each level is dependent on the individual’s skill and willingness to apply themselves. Each archer can advance at his or her own pace, working through progressively higher achievement levels.

If you have a child age 8 to 18 wanting to try the archery experience, email, or better yet, come out to CFA’s archery range on a Saturday morning.